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AHS Magnet Brochure

AHS Magnet Brochure

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John B. Alexander Magnet for Health Science

3600 E. Del Mar Blvd. Laredo, Texas 78041

Ph. 956. 473.5866

Fax 956. 473.5998



The mission of the John B. Alexander Magnet for Health Science is to provide a challenging, well-balanced, college preparatory program that focuses on educational experiences in the health science professions.


• To provide advanced academic preparation for college bound students

• To create an awareness of the skills necessary for the development of successful future leaders in the areas of health and science

Entrance Criteria

Eighth grade students who reside within the United Independent School District attendance zone and who meet the criteria may apply.

Grade Point Average Criteria

Students should have a composite grade average of at least a B (80%) for Math, Science, Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies based on the 7th grade end of year report card, and the 8th grade January report card except Reading.

Exam Criteria

Students must take the required CogAT entrance exam.




• Pre-AP English I 

• Pre-AP Biology 

• Pre-AP Algebra I /Pre-AP Geometry

• Pre-AP World Geography


• Principles of Health Science (I)

• Foreign Language I

• Professional Communications/Health

• PE

• Art



• Pre-AP English II

 • Pre-AP Chemistry

• Pre-AP Algebra II​​

• Pre AP Precalculus

• Pre-AP World History

• Elective

• Anatomy & Physiology (1)

• Foreign Language II & III

• Elective



• AP English III 

• Pre-AP Physics

• AP Calculus AB

• AP Calculus AB (CLAR)

• AP US History

• Elective

• Dental Science (1)

• AP US Government/ AP MacroEconomics


• Elective



• AP English IV 

• College Algebra

• AP Physics /AP Biology/AP Chemistry

• Practicum Health Science (2)

• AP Math Course (1)

• AP Science Course (1)

• College Prep

• Gold Program

• Elective

Community Service

Students are required to complete 250 community service hours within four years.

Enrichment Activities

The following enrichment activities are designed to promote academic awareness and career opportunities to give students a competitive edge through advanced academic study and workplace skills training.

• Participation in field trips to organizations such as:

  • Doctors Hospital & Laredo Medical Center
  • Internship at Baylor College of Medicine
  • Sacred Heart Children’s Home
  • HOSA Conference/Competition UT HSC San Antonio
  • HOPE Conference (AHEC)
  • Centre for Emergency Health Sciences, (Cadaver Lab), Spring Branch, TX

• Participation and competition in leadership conferences, and health science events

• Participation in UIL Academics, Athletics, and Student Organizations


• First Aid


• Dental Assistant

• Medical Office Assistant

Students have the opportunity to prepare and attain certain state certifications through their coursework in the Magnet School.

The AHS Magnet School students will also earn a distinguished level of achievement by successfully completing both curriculum requirements for the foundation high school program and the public service endorsement.


* Pre-AP Course  ** AP Course Magnet Specialty Courses listed in blue must be taken to complete Magnet Graduation Plan


All students will consistently demonstrate competency through a body of work in five major areas that support the accomplishment of the school’s mission and that are aligned with national, state, and local standards.

•   Students will demonstrate mastery of academic competencies throughout the curriculum and extended learning opportunities.

•   Students will collect, organize, analyze, and assess information and strategies to create, apply, explain, and evaluate solutions.

•   Students will communicate effectively through listening and speaking, reading and writing, and media.

•   Students will demonstrate respect and responsibility while managing personal time, conduct, and planning.

•   Students will work effectively with others and strengthen group performance by sharing ideas and workloads.

These over-arching expectations encompass developmentally appropriate academic, civic, and social outcomes and identify what a United I.S.D. student will know and be able to do upon graduation.





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