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AHS Mixed and Treble Choir UIL SWEEPSTAKES!

Posted Date: 03/22/2024


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the AHS Mixed and Treble Choirs for making Alexander History! This year both of the choirs earned UIL Sweepstakes at the Region 14 UIL Concert and Sightreading Evaluation in Victoria, Texas. The students received a standing ovation (a practice that is very unusual) from the judges who were highly impressed by the musicianship and artistry of the choir. Students, teachers, and judges made it a point to come talk to us after each performance to personally congratulate them and tell them how, "their hearts had been touched. How they made their souls smile. How we should consider doing a Texas Music Educators Association clinic on how to have a successful small choir." The choir is now placed in our region map as a top choir of very high quality.

The choir is composed of 37 individuals. This was the first time for 20 individuals within the choir to participate in this rigorous process.
The UIL choir faces unique challenges each year by being a high school ensemble that starts their beginners at the high school level. All other choirs in the region have a feeder program at the middle school. This further made the judges jaws drop. These students worked three times more rigorously than their counterparts to ensure they were at the same or better level than the top choirs in the region. What an accomplishment!!!

Please join me in congratulating and celebrating these students in what most individuals would deem impossible!! I couldn't be any more proud and grateful to have the privilege to work with these individuals each day.